The good sides of puberty

The good sides of puberty. I know. But hear me out. familienfotos wien-13

Most of my friends will roll their eyes when we talk about our adolescent years and tell me how awful those times were. And yes, I do remember a hell of a lot of feeling odd, not being one of the grown ups but not being a part of the kids anymore… it can be disturbing.

From one day to the next you want to have your say in the world and when you speak out it comes out…well not quite so well. Your older brothers and/or sisters and your parents still have to get used to your new self being one of the grownups (not really) and frankly so do you.

„So the first step out of childhood is made all at once, without looking before or behind, without caution, and nothing held in reserve.” 

Ursula K. Le Guin

Recently I was taking family photos, a single Mom with three kids. Two of them are aged between 10-20. And while some people might be dreading having to hang around kids that age I really enjoyed it and it made me realize a lot about the power of those young years.

The two girls, both open minded and well educated and eloquent had their say about certain issues  be it their teachers or politics. Not that I agree 100% on all levels with what they said, it was rather how they said it. With full believe. Full force. No maybe, no juggling with different points of view. Not afraid to stand up for themselves and their opinion.

When was the last time you just said what you really think?

Like blurted it out no matter if anyone else would like it or you are making someone else uncomfortable.

familienfotos wien-6 familienfotos wien-16 familienfotos wien-17 familienfotos wien-19Here is the thing. Growing older and more experienced makes you softer. And I love that. I would not want to go back to my raging 16-year old self. I found it pretty frustrating and remember having the feeling having to fight for everybody that I thought was treated with injustice.

Watching these young girls and listening to their powerful statements made me remember a certain feeling.

In those adolescent years everything was open, all possible. I could do anything I wanted to do. The field of possibilities seems endless.

And then it hit me:

Being an adult does not mean you have to lower your excitement for your opinion. It does not mean you have to stay quiet just to fit in.

“Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen.” 

Albert Einstein

Yes its true, when you are at the beginning the chances are you haven’t made too many mistakes. When you progress with life you probably made some bad choices. And its easy to feel trapped by those circumstances.

Maybe that’s the thing, there is always going to be the rest of our lives ahead of us. There is always a reason to start doing things you love and to stand up for your ideas and opinion – no matter what age.

Lets not lose curiosity and passion!

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