Meet Me About Plumière Photography

© Natascha Unkart
© Natascha Unkart
Who is Plumiere?

Plumière is me, Isabelle.

I shoot weddings and all things beautiful that happen right in front of my camera. Why the name Plumière then, you ask? The name stems from a few things that are part of me and my work: light (lumière) and lightness (plume, the feather). I want my images to float rather than weigh. I prefer light over darkness. I like how the bubbles of champagne afloat – and tickle in your mouth once you take a sip.

I love diving into the sea and keep my eyes open under water. It’s a different way of seeing. I like to keep an open mind and take feelings for what they are. No assumptions, no judgment. But most of all, I love to capture emotions.

Oh, and I am half-french – not pretentious, that’s why I chose Plumière.

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