25 years My life in a box

I can not believe its 25 years ago.

It was a hot day in August just after 5pm. My middle sister was visiting at our new house and baked in the kitchen. She wore an apron. Blue with tiny flowers on it. I am pretty sure she still got it or at least I remember it like it was yesterday. I was playing in the garden in my underwear when I heard her scream.

My Mom had just told her my father died in an accident.

I don’t remember feeling anything but numbness. I did not shed many tears. I did not know how to grieve. That day is 25 years ago. Life continues and often I wonder what it is that lets us survive losses like that.

I have this little black box and you can sort of find my life in there. My parents did not do photobooks, we always had a wild mix of pictures in a drawer. Part of that drawer stayed with me and that’s where I found this picture of me and my father. We are sitting on the beach collecting things and explaining about the sea life. This one picture sums it all up for me. His time that he spent with me. The holidays that we had together. Wild camping on the beaches in Croatia when it still was part of Yugoslavia. He used to drive down three different dirt roads until he found the perfect spot. Secluded and wild. Wind, rocks, the sea and no people. That’s were he liked to stay.

25 years on the beach-1

I am incredibly happy about the printed proof of my memories. Sometimes I wonder if the picture makes the memory or if it just helps to keep it alive.Going through my life in a box made me realize that with all the digital media I totally vote for printing out your pictures but I myself suck at it. There is nothing that I will be able to hand to my kids. What am I going to say? Look at my Facebook profile for pictures? Here is my hard drive? I need to change that, provide them with tangible proof of our time together. So they can have their life in a box. Maybe I’ll be brave and even create an album 😉


If you want me to help you provide proof of your time with your kids, babies, baby bumps or your love for each other contact me. I love hearing from you!

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